Monday, March 24, 2014

weekend edition: indie craft parade iPhone photography class

justin went camping with a buddy this weekend, but i stayed in greenville to instagram in peace. just kidding...sort of. i actually went to indie craft parade's iPhone photography class, which was conducted by jivan dave. (follow him on instagram, it's amazing what he can capture with an iPhone!) the class was technically for product photography, but i figured if you're trying to make something look good enough to sell then those tips could probably be applicable to anything. and i was right! 

jivan gave us all sorts of useful tips. and in addition to being incredibly gifted behind the lens, he is a huge proponent of vsco cam. (wahoo! love me some vsco) i've been using this app for my instagrams for a while now, but jivan had all sorts of good advice and brand tid bits that i had no idea about. i will admit, that i was one of those people who tended to hide their photos behind the fade action, but after taking this class i feel confident that i can take a vibrant, beautiful photo even when i don't have my nikon handy. here's the short list of DOs and DONTs from the session:

1. don't over edit: be true to your colors
2. touch to focus
3. no flash!
4. window light at angle >>> overhead florescents / midday sun
5. don't mix warm and cool light, use one source
6. white is right when it comes to backgrounds
7. rule of thirds guarantees success
8. be consistent

 i learned so much (even how to to stage the perfect photo with nothing more than a tshirt, a picture frame and a lamp), and i really just cannot say enough wonderful things about indie craft parade, guys. they are the best! if you haven't already, check them out! they are one of the precious cultural jewels of greenville. check out some shots from the day, especially the awesome old sewing machines at oobe, and a few of other photos i reedited with my new-found skills below:

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

weekend edition: bacon party

this past weekend, our friend josh held a bacon party. to get in the door, you had to bring some kind of bacon-infused goodness with you. to get out the door, you had to leave all self-respect and regard for your arteries behind. we had everything from bacon-wraped water chestnuts, peanut butter bacon cookies, and maple and glazed bacon donuts from sugar shack in richmond  to chocolate dipped bacon, bacon-wrapped shrimp, bacon guacamole, bacon trail mix, bacon cheese dip, maple bacon cupcakes, bacon-wrapped jalapeƱo poppers and bacon baked inside pancakes (which would be perfect for breakfast). i mean, what more could you really ask for?

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

wanderlust wednesdays: greenpoint, ny

i'm excited to start a new segment on the blog today: wanderlust wednesdays! around this time of year, i always get really restless. without fail, the sunshine and warm weather always makes me want to go out and explore. so, i figured if you, like me, need to cure your restless soul, these pictures can help tide you over until your next adventure.

i'm planning a trip up to brooklyn in a few weeks to see my brother and friend, erin. i'm looking foward to donuts / cute little cafes / crowded bars / public transit / and parks. i really hope the weather is warm enough to enjoy walking around; but if not, i can always hole up in a museum for the afternoon :)


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Monday, March 10, 2014

weekend edition: swamp rabbit trail

 this past weekend, andrea and i rented some bikes from reedy rides (only $15 for four hours) and hit the swamp rabbit trail. seventy and sunny? we really couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. our first stop was the swamp rabbit cafe and grocery, which stocks local produce, delicious pastries and other gourmet delights. we got lunch, and it was so good! the way they salt their bread is just perfect. afterward, we went all the way to furman university. it's crazy how far you can bike on the swamp rabbit because it's so flat, you don't really notice how far you've gone until your legs are jello the next day. but greenville by bike is definitely the way to go, good and good for you and highly recommended by the locals!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

weekend edition part 2: asheville

okay, so last weekend was really, really fun, and i just had to write another post about it. you know how sometimes your mom will call you to catch up and you're like, "well, i've just been going to work and sitting on my butt watching house of cards while trying all the new ben and jerry's core flavors" and you can just hear her sighing for your wasted youth across the line? but then something happens and the air gets warmer and the days get longer and all of a sudden there a million reasons to leave your house. well, i think we've reached that turn in the bend of winter. spring is so close you can almost taste it, and adventure is in the air.

friday night, justin and i went to asheville, nc, for a show at the grey eagle. (technically, i guess this should have been weekend edition part 1, but i just couldn't wait to post about indie craft parade and the best craft party ever! sorry bout it, asheville, but greenville wins this round.) anyways, before hand,  we made a stop at farm burger after a recommendation from a friend. and oh my gosh, woah: SO. GOOD. let's maybe even stretch so far as to say good and good for you because it's 100% grass-fed beef and locally sourced ingredients, plus craft brews, which are good for the soul. justin got the no.6 with an egg, pepper jack and salsa verde, which was a nice twist on your usual barnyard burg. i actually had my first pork burger and got the pastured pig with brussels-apple slaw, candied jalapenos and white bbq sauce. 

there is some next-level burger stuff going on here, people, let me tell you. if i had to imagine a 'foodie' burger, this would be it. with such unique flavors, i was legit trying to mop up that bbq sauce off the paper with fries. and speaking of, i highly recommend getting the split basket because neither the onion rings nor the french fries are to be missed. plus, to top it all off, there is a bocce court INSIDE the restaurant. it's like a dream come true. anyways, after that, i figured t. hardy morris and robert ellis had their work cut out for them to keep me from going into a food coma, but those guys were great. definitely take in a show at the grey eagle, if you're ever in asheville. tickets were insanely cheap (like 8 bucks a pop, i think?) and since you are in the heart of cheer wine country, you can imbibe some of that sweet southern, nectar too.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

weekend edition: the best craft party ever

this past weekend, the coolest thing ever happened in greenville: the best craft party ever! and let me just say, this event was aptly named. i haven't exactly been to a lot craft parties, unless you count unofficial saturday nights spent in with diet coke and girlfriends, but i imagine this one would be impossible to top. the lovely folks over at indie craft parade had their maker's summit on saturday, and afterward they generously opened their doors and hearts to the rest of us. (side note: so many people told me the maker's summit was awesome and that you don't have to be a professional to get something out of it; so, you will definitely see me there next year!) before we get to the pictures, i just have to give a shout out to everyone that was involved with this event because it was so, so well done:

the party was held at the huguenot mill at the peace center, and it might have been the most photogenic place i have ever seen. imagine: exposed brick, leafy chandeliers, rachel ruysch-esque centerpieces, mix-matched chairs and old-timey leather sofas. be still my heart! plus, to cap it all off, there were the most beautiful hand lettered signs and banners strewn throughout the building. (all this loveliness was made possible by willow florals, we took to the woods, ink meets paper, justin hall and spoonflower.)

the evening kicked off with a delicious four-course meal. (bread provided by swamp rabbit cafe, dinner by chef 360 and a gelato bar by luna rosa). andrea and i had the delightful pleasure of sitting with three amazing ladies from columbia, sc: melissa (of january jewelry), jessica (of owlette) and emily (of sandra mack/butterfly vintage), who were so nice and charming, not to mention immensely talented. 

after dinner, we floated from craft table to craft table making leather coasters with billiam jeans, posters with the print shop, mini succulent gardens with urban digs, tshirts with dapper ink, spice rubs with time to taste and wood-burned spoons with once again sam. and the whole time, craft beer was flowing courtesy of community tap and brewery 85, as well as the most beautiful coffee i've ever tasted thanks to due south coffee. (there was also a bourbon tasting that people really seemed to be enjoying, but i never made it over there since i was driving.) this was such an amazing representation of all the wonderful things greenville has to offer, and i really can't say thank you enough to everyone who was involved. as they say, a picture's worth a thousand words, so before i get too carried away, i'll let the event speak for itself:

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