Tuesday, February 25, 2014

weekend edition: american advertising awards

this past weekend, AAF greenville had their annual gala. i've been working on putting this together with the rest of the committee for a few months now, and to see it all get pulled off so well was just amazing. the party was held at zen on south main street and had a 1920s theme. zen itself is a pretty cool venue; and, i must say, they had the coolest lighting arrangements from the floating paper lanterns to the crazy sculptural light fixes. we threw in some pearls, used old gin bottles for the flower arrangements, added some shiny tassels for a photobooth, and some of the girls even built champagne pyramids to really add to the atmosphere. there was also a ton of food, even a make your own pasta station! it was a great party, and people came decked out in their finest flapper attire. plus, it was so inspiring to see all the great work being done right here in greenville by professionals and students alike :) you can check out the winners and more photos from the event over on the AAF greenville facebook page. and, i have to say a huge thank you to everyone at AAF for truly welcoming me to club. i was recognized for my involvement in the club as a new member, but it honestly didn't seem like any great effort to participate when there's such cool things going on and amazing people to meet. i've said this before, but i think it can't be said enough: greenville really has the nicest people. since moving here over a year ago, i've been fortunate enough to meet some of the nicest, most creative folks; and i am just so grateful to have been so warmly welcomed into the greenville community. so, thanks again guys! this means more to me than you probably know.

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