Thursday, February 13, 2014

tried & true DIYs: jeweled beanie

as you may have heard, we have been snowed in down here in greenville for the past couple days! so, i figured what better time than now to tackle this beanie DIY? i had a crush on this jeweled beanie from asos the moment i saw it. grunge meets girlie? count me in. but, i also knew that i could make it for way less than the $28 it was going for. luckily, i made a trip to target and hobby lobby before the storm hit and was able to throw this together in time to get some good use out of it. best of all, it only cost me about $5, and you can make your own in two easy steps!

here's what you'll need:
1 beanie (i found mine on sale at target for $3.50)
1 fashion jewel/flower ($2.50 at hobby lobby)
Jewel-It adhesive (also available at hobby lobby)

Step 1. 
Fold your beanie. Or don't, if you like a baggier look.

Step 2. 
Glue it! Make sure to get the adhesive all the way to edges of the jewels, so it's seeping out around the sides a little. (Don't worry, it dries totally clear and you can't see it at all). This is important because if don't, your jewel will be loose around the edges, and something could peel it off. After that, just let it set for a few hours (I left mine for a whole day just to be safe), and voila! A shiny, chic, new beanie.

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