Tuesday, February 25, 2014

weekend edition: american advertising awards

this past weekend, AAF greenville had their annual gala. i've been working on putting this together with the rest of the committee for a few months now, and to see it all get pulled off so well was just amazing. the party was held at zen on south main street and had a 1920s theme. zen itself is a pretty cool venue; and, i must say, they had the coolest lighting arrangements from the floating paper lanterns to the crazy sculptural light fixes. we threw in some pearls, used old gin bottles for the flower arrangements, added some shiny tassels for a photobooth, and some of the girls even built champagne pyramids to really add to the atmosphere. there was also a ton of food, even a make your own pasta station! it was a great party, and people came decked out in their finest flapper attire. plus, it was so inspiring to see all the great work being done right here in greenville by professionals and students alike :) you can check out the winners and more photos from the event over on the AAF greenville facebook page. and, i have to say a huge thank you to everyone at AAF for truly welcoming me to club. i was recognized for my involvement in the club as a new member, but it honestly didn't seem like any great effort to participate when there's such cool things going on and amazing people to meet. i've said this before, but i think it can't be said enough: greenville really has the nicest people. since moving here over a year ago, i've been fortunate enough to meet some of the nicest, most creative folks; and i am just so grateful to have been so warmly welcomed into the greenville community. so, thanks again guys! this means more to me than you probably know.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

tried & true DIYs: jeweled beanie

as you may have heard, we have been snowed in down here in greenville for the past couple days! so, i figured what better time than now to tackle this beanie DIY? i had a crush on this jeweled beanie from asos the moment i saw it. grunge meets girlie? count me in. but, i also knew that i could make it for way less than the $28 it was going for. luckily, i made a trip to target and hobby lobby before the storm hit and was able to throw this together in time to get some good use out of it. best of all, it only cost me about $5, and you can make your own in two easy steps!

here's what you'll need:
1 beanie (i found mine on sale at target for $3.50)
1 fashion jewel/flower ($2.50 at hobby lobby)
Jewel-It adhesive (also available at hobby lobby)

Step 1. 
Fold your beanie. Or don't, if you like a baggier look.

Step 2. 
Glue it! Make sure to get the adhesive all the way to edges of the jewels, so it's seeping out around the sides a little. (Don't worry, it dries totally clear and you can't see it at all). This is important because if don't, your jewel will be loose around the edges, and something could peel it off. After that, just let it set for a few hours (I left mine for a whole day just to be safe), and voila! A shiny, chic, new beanie.

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happy galentine's day!

happy galentine's day! how cute is this galentine of ann and leslie from the parks n rec facebook page?

if you aren't already familiar with galentine's day, "it's wonderful and it should be a national holiday" (to use the words of the ineffable leslie knope).  

leslie invented galentine's day as a time to appreciate all her strong and beautiful lady friends on nbc's show parks and recreation; so whether your bff is close enough to split a waffle or just far enough to send a galentine, let them know how much you love them. because today is all about ladies celebrating ladies.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

westminster dog show portraits

did you guys watch the westminster dog show last night? the wire fox terrier won, in what i will call a total upset because i really thought this was swagger the sheep dog's year, after coming in second last year. anyways, the new york times took some great portraits of the dogs. besides showcasing how ridiculously beautiful each of these creatures are, the pictures show that all of the dogs have a unique personality. check out my favorites below:

can't get enough of these pups? 
there are some great behind-the-scenes shots over on boston.com and mashable.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

printable valentines

my delightful friend sarah recently opened the most darling etsy shop, chalk full of love. sarah has a great eye for design and an amazingly steady hand. her shop features an impressive array of handwritten chalkboards and printable stationery, perfect for weddings, baby showers and just hanging in your home. so, when she asked me for some ideas for valentines, i was just tickled pink. (that was some holiday word play for you); and we came up with these hot air balloons, pictured above and below. you can download the cards from her shop by following these simple directions.

for all intents and purposes, sarah is from greenville because she lived here for a very long time; so all you greenvillagers,  go out there and support your local artist! she also recently moved to austin, tx, and you can see all of her adventures over on her blog: sassy times with sissy. and, check out more of her work below!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

weekend edition: brewery 85 grand opening

this post is a little late because i was trying my hand at some photo editing, but last weekend we went with friends to the grand opening of brewery 85. if you haven't heard yet, it's greenville's latest craft beer brewery! it's super cool, and, as an added bonus, it's conveniently located about 5 minutes from our house. 

there was a great turnout, and people poured in from noon to four to sample brews, play corn hole and gnosh on yummy snacks from the food trucks. (thoroughfare, neue southern and the chuck truck were in attendance.) 

right now, there are three beers on tap: southern style, yeoman's and quittin' time, (which was the group favorite). the facility is huge though, and it looks like the have plans to grow their selection in the future.

if you, like me, have never been to a south carolina brewery before, you may be surprised to learn that there are some strict rules. guests are only permitted 3 pints per visit and only one beer over 8%, which unfortunately means only one quittin' time per visit.

southern style

food truck cul-de-sac

justin and i both got the meatloaf sandwich from thoroughfare; (i am slowly but surely eating my way through all the greenville food trucks :) and let me just say, it was amazing. meatloaf on ciabatta with pimento cheese? it's a little slice of southern heaven. plus, it came with these awesome beans on the side. i think they were kidney beans with feta cheese, a vinaigrette and green peppers? maybe they were green onions? i'm not sure, but i do know that i ate mine and then went back and ate justin's too.

we weren't expecting the side of beans, so we also got a side of tots...covered in cheese gravy, which were just as good as they sound. 

southern style (left) and quittin' time (right)

in addition to corn hole, they had these ginormous fire pits that looked out over the surrounding buildings.


i'm not normally a brown ale type of girl, but this one was really good! it was coffee-ish and chocolatey, so it kind of felt like dessert after all that food. i can't wait to go back and see what else brewery 85 has a brewin'; and you should totally go check them out too!