Saturday, December 7, 2013

thank you

one year ago today, i started this blog, and i just wanted to say thank you to everyone for reading, inspiring me and helping me grow this little project. whether you've only read once or you've helped me with posts, photography or photoshop, i just can't say thank you enough. i started out with the most generic layout blogger offered and posting about links my friends would send me during the day. luckily, since then, i've been able to pick up a few new skills to make things a little more interesting. sure, i've been tired and busy and sometimes just plain ol' forgotten to post, but something always brought me back to this blog. so, i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stuck around with me while i've figured this whole blog thing out. it's been so great to have a place to learn and explore. i'm really looking forward to another year of creative adventures and growth, and i hope you all join me!


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