Sunday, October 27, 2013

Double Take: French Connection Fox Sweater

seek and ye shall find

image via Asos

So there's a funny story behind this sweater. My friend Kate came in to work one day wearing it, and I literally did a double take before immediately pouncing on her. I had only seen fox sweaters in the triple digits, like the French Connection one pictured above, and was dying to know where she got hers. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when she told me that she had found it at J. C. Penny and on sale for only $20, no less! I actually went out and bought it on my lunch break. Thanks again Kate! :) 

If you follow the link above, it says it's sold out online, but I would call or go check your local store if you're dying to get it. And if they really are sold out, check out five more foxy sweaters below:

Left to Right
Row 1: Asos $67, Old Navy via Ebay $33, Tilly's $27
Row 2: Von Maur $36, Forever 21 $20

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