Sunday, July 7, 2013

Best News of the Week

plus other great things the internet gave us

Best News of the Week goes to Scotland!  Scientists have finally solved the great mystery of the Loch Ness Monster.  As it turns out, it was probably just the Earth's plates shifting all along.  Congrats on being rid of a national terror, guys!  

In other news...

Rob Delaney proves you don't need a vagina to be a great feminist

A certain English word has taken Germany by storm

If you can't make it to Harry Potter World, take a tour with the streetview on Googlemaps

When Disney didn't want to pay Robin Williams, they just gave him a Picasso painting

Here's a quick guide to Sofia Coppola 

This dog parade was probably way cuter than anything you did on July 4th

The Atlantic broke down the necessary steps to appreciate Yeezus


Here's what guys look like in their girlfriends' clothes.

Worst News of the Week goes to the cost of a hangover.

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