Saturday, June 1, 2013

Farmers Market Finds

certified South Carolina

This morning, I woke up early to go to the farmers' market downtown, and it really blew me away.  I feel like it's been rained out four of the six past weekends, and I wasn't here for the other two that were sunny; so, this was my first time going to the market.  It was so much bigger than I was expecting! Nearly all of Main Street was blocked off and filled with vendors.

I had heard to get there early, so I arrived shortly after 8:30 a.m., when it opened–but even then, there were already a ton of people there. My first stop was at the Soby's on the Side tent, where I had quite the dilemma picking out what to eat for breakfast. I ended up getting this amazing pain au chocolat for only $2, which took me right back to France; but, next time I might have to go for the shrimp and grits.

After that, I just made the rounds and took in the sights. I mostly snapped photos of the flower vendors, but they had tents for everything–wet pasta, seafood, honey, candles, hot sauce, bread, pie, meat and even some local art!

And, all the tents had these Certified South Carolina signs, so you knew you were shopping local.

There was even a bluegrass band playing, which had all the kids dancing.

I ended up getting peaches, strawberries, black eyed pea salsa, jalapeno cilantro hummus and pepperoni bread.  I've already sampled a little bit of everything, and it's all delicious.  If you're thinking about going I have two suggestions: walk by every stall because you never know what you'll find (food or prices!) and get there early.  This last one is especially important because even after only being open for an hour, a lot of the vendors were already selling out of items.  There's always so much going on downtown in Greenville :) I definitely can't wait to go back and see what's in season next weekend!

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