Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shaky Knees

shaky knees baby please!

We went to Atlanta over the weekend to ring in my 22nd birthday at Shaky Knees; and to sum it all up in just a few words, it was the best birthday ever!  The rain couldn't stop the fun, and it only made for a more memorable weekend.  Fans and artists alike were out in the mud, just getting down and dirty and having a good time together.  Here are some highlights from the weekend-I can't wait to go back next year!

This was the festival's first year, and it was organized by Tim Sweetwood, a longtime promoter in the Atlanta area.  The guy has incredible taste- not only did he curate an excellent weekend with an awesome overall theme, but he perfectly balanced country and folk with rock and pop.  You actually felt bad about leaving one band to go see another.  Plus, festival goers were hooked up with an insane discount at the W downtown.  Our room was incredibly nice, and the steamy shower was a welcome relief after a day out in the cold and rain.

They had this cute little mini bar in the room with everything from a disposable camera and snacks to a hangover kit!

It was already raining when we got to the Masquerade Saturday morning, so we pulled out our raincoats and made the best of it.

We quickly realized that ponchos on top of the the raincoats was the best way to go if you wanted to stay dry and warm!

This was the bar and food truck area before anyone got there. And speaking of food trucks, the nomz were amazing!  Pictured above was this delicious place called Roti, where I got the Therman Merman, a taco with kimchi, braised beef and mac n cheese that I topped off with Sriracha.  There was also a truck with Belgian street fries, and our favorite, Nectar.  Nectar had the most delicious grilled chicken chipotle paninis- hopefully, I can figure out the recipe and post it later! 

A few hours later this was a total mud pit with people slipping and sliding all over the place as they made their way to booze and food.  (You can still sort of see it in the picture below from Sunday after they covered it with straw.)  

The sun came out for a few hours Sunday, long enough to give me a sunburn, before the rain came back colder than ever.

One good thing about the rain thought was that the festival wasn't super crowded right away.  I think people were trying to wait it out, to no avail, so we were able to get really close to a few of the acts.  First up was Robert Ellis, a singer-song writer from Nashville, who did a great job adapting his set from a steel guitar for the weather.

Vintage Trouble was up next, and nothing could dampen these guys' spirits.  Not only did lead singer Ty Taylor have killer dance moves, but he actually changed into some rain boots mid-set and came out and danced with the crowd twice.

And if you needed to warm up, your best bet was one of these bad boys, which held a full bottle of wine.

The Joy Formidable gave an awesome set, complete with a gong, that had everyone jumping and dancing. Originally from North Wales,this trio has a few hits you definitely need to put on your summer sound track.  Plus, lead singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan is a bad-ass frontman and was one of the few ladies playing at the festival.

J Roddy Walston and the Business were probably my favorite act of the festival.  An all-around good time, it just seemed right being a little drunk, jumping around in the mud rocking out with these guys.  Plus, J Roddy can play a piano like nobody's business (excuse the pun).

By Sunday, it had warmed up enough to try some of the goodies from King of Pops.  We got the sea salt chocolate popsicles, which were other worldly- another recipe I'm hoping to replicate soon!

Murder by Death was just as effortlessly cool and dark as ever.  Turns out they are friends with Tim Sweetwater and go way back, so here's hoping they play Atlanta again soon!

And last but not least, Dr. Dog killed it with a fun set that had every body dancing.  Even the boys from Delta Spirit came out and played with them.  Check out the full line-up below and here's Justin's Spotify playlist if you're looking for some new music:

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