Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rick Erwin's Deli

un petite morceau de France 

It's been a rainy Saturday, and Justin and I really needed to get out of the house.  To cure our cabin fever, we decided to finally try Rick Erwin's Deli; and let me tell you, it was amazing-definitely my new favorite spot.  Everything was dreamy down to the chalkboard menus and the adorable families with babies dressed in Breton stripes eating inside.  Plus, the chef, Emmanuel Hodencq, has a Michelin star (!!!!) and relocated from France just to work here.  He was walking around the deli, laughing and speaking French to people, which just made my little heart burst with joy.  

The deli has everything from lunch to small plates for dinner- including wine, cheese plates, and other little morsels like pâté for when you're just having a friend over to chat and snack.

They have anything and everything you would ever want to put on bread.

Meat treats!

I got the Camperdown Club with a side of pasta salad.  The sandwich was so fresh- nothing beats crisp lettuce- and I swear they were using French mayo, but don't quote me on that because it could just be wishful thinking.

Justin got the Ruben and some french fries, which he said was one divine, dirty mess.

Then we walked over to the dessert case, which was like a small sliver of France that had been plopped down in Greenville.

We opted for the macaroons-mainly because we were full, but also because Justin had never had one before.  They had amazing flavors like lime-basil, pistachio-praline, strawberry-rose, and citrus-ginger.

We ended up getting the dark chocolate and the buttersalt-caramel.  I wish I could have had one of each though!  Have you been to Rick's Deli yet? I'm dying to go back and would love a suggestion on what to try next!

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