Saturday, April 20, 2013

Meet Bandit

the little guy who stole our hearts

Say hello to the newest member of the Thompson-Howell household: Bandit!

Justin and I broke open our piggy bank today (metaphorically speaking, of course!) and got ourselves a dog!  We went to Greenville County Animal Care since we wanted to save a little guy or girl who might not ever make it to one of the humane societies. I wish I had gotten a picture of the complex because it was absolutely beautiful!  We were so surprised when we drove up.  We had been expecting the city pound or something, but the facilities looked almost like refurbished stables.  We had looked at the dogs online before coming, but all we really knew was that we wanted a medium sized dog that wasn't a puppy. 

After walking around, we stumbled upon Bandit, a two year old German Shepard mix, and it was love at first sight.  We took him outside to the courtyard to play with him and that really sealed the deal.  We were so lucky because Animal Care had taken amazing care of him, and he was totally healthy with all his shots and had even been neutered.  Also, if you adopt from Animal Care you have access to their veterinary clinic which is usually reserved for low-income families.  We bought Bandit a collar, tags and a crate there too because all the money goes back to the shelter.  It's a great organization, and everyone who worked and volunteered there was so nice.  They seem really busy and told us that we saved two lives, Bandit's and the dog that would get his space at the shelter.  If you have any free time and like to volunteer, I'm sure they would love an extra hand to help with the animals!

Bandit is so sweet and affectionate-we couldn't be happier!  He loves to give hugs and kisses, and we haven't heard him bark all day.  One of the nice things about adopting an older dog is that he's already crate and house trained.  Plus, he knows a few basic commands like sit and stay; and, apparently he can ring a bell when he needs to go out!


After the adoption, we headed over to Justin's dad's house for a play date so Bandit could meet his family and run off some of his extra energy.

Bandit's two uncles, Bruno and Rudy

Everybody got along really well, and it already seems like these three are going to be thick as thieves.

Here's to the first of many family portraits!

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