Thursday, April 18, 2013

Graduation Dress Round Up

for your first trip down the aisle

Graduations are right around the corner; and while mine was last year, I know a ton of great girls who are getting ready to take the trip down the aisle.  Picking the right dress can be tricky- you don't want to be sweating under your robe but you also don't want all of your cleavage falling out while your dad tries to take your picture.  For some reason, even though I rarely ever wear white in everyday life, I'm a big fan of wearing white dresses for graduations.  Maybe it's because summer is finally here or maybe Catholic school just drilled it into my head, who knows?  Anyways, I wore a white, eyelet lace dress under the W&M gown to my own ceremony which was outdoors and then threw on a striped blazer for dinner that evening since I'm always chilly at restaurants.  Peep my look and 13 other dresses that I found for under $70 below:


$65 JCPenny

$41 LuLu's


  1. You really have a great choice when it comes to dresses. These are really gorgeous. But I especially love the Lulu’s (the all-white dress). It is cute and it is not too expensive.

    1. Thank you! That made my morning :) I try and post things that girls my age can actually afford to buy but still feel good about wearing. Thanks for reading!