Sunday, April 21, 2013

Best News of the Week

plus other great things the internet gave us

Best News of the Week goes to the good ol' boys of Daft Punk.  In classic French fashion, these two are still defining cool even after two decades of making music.  The song premiered as an ad at Coachella, which then showed up on SNL, and Pitchfork has more information for those curious about the evolution of the track.  If this isn't already blowing up your speakers, I would recommend standing up because this going to make you want to move.  Featuring Pharrell and Nile Rodgers, these gentlemen have just handed you to the soundtrack to your summer on a chrome platter.  Listen below:

In other news...

NASA found some Earth-like planets a couple light years away

This thoughtful critique of the new Dove ad campaign went viral on tumblr

The Hutchison brothers, of Frightened Rabbit, covered Cheap Trick for A.V. Club

Plane, train and automobile are no longer the only ways to travel

This interesting documentary about one of the real life Mad Men came out 

Record Store Day 2013 was yesterday

Just the Little Things, everyone's favorite tumblr/twitter account has a coffee table book coming out

Married to the Mob rounded up some of the baddest ladies' mugshots for your viewing pleasure

Here's an insightful video about the different ways you can get your daily caloric intake

Drake put out a new song sampling Say My Name by Destiny's Child


We got a dog!

Worst News of the Week goes to this awful girl for perpetuating negative stereotypes about Greek Life at colleges.

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