Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best News of the Week

plus other great things the internet gave us

image via USA Today

 Obviously Best News of the Week goes to the return of Mad Men; but I've been talking about that for weeks, so let's give someone else a chance.  This week the title goes to Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn for teaming up again- this time for Only God Forgives. The duo united for Drive and are back with what seems to be a similarly chilling movie about a stoic Gosling character who is unphased by the violence he finds himself constantly surrounded by.  The pair make a great couple as far as beautiful beautiful action films go, so here's hoping that sneaky son of bitch who cut the Drive trailer works on this film as well to trick the masses into getting a healthy does of art-house film and some culture. Check out more on AV Club or watch the trailer below:

In other news...

The cutest boy left Girls

Someone wrote this great piece reminding us that size discrimination goes for size 0 or size 100

The new season of Arrested Development will be plopped in our laps May 26th

Head to Cook Out if you're hungover

If you just need to escape for a minute, here's a great wanderlust round up

Beyonc√© and Andre 3000 are covering Amy Winehouse's Back to Black

....which is in the new Great Gatsby trailer

"Faux Paris" or a life-size replica of the city of lights exists

There is a boy king of rap on instagram living out all your wildest fantasies (think Six Flags with Drake)

Someone made these brilliant and charismatic Zoo Portraits

You can console yourself about the Drake thing by treating yourself to a spa weekend and soaking in this bathtub full of beer


It's not too late to get to know the deceased Roger Ebert- check his 20 best reviews.

Worst News of the Week goes to gender roles and the myth of American masculinity.  Learn from the mistakes of Rick Ross and Don Draper!

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