Saturday, March 30, 2013

The 1, 2, 3's of Hosting: Easy Easter Centerpiece

cute and tasty!

image via Pintrest

I saw this cute centerpiece on Pintrest a couple weeks ago and was totally smitten. The weather finally warmed up today which really put me in the spring spirit gave me the inspiration I needed to finally make it!

easy easter centerpiece

You'll need:

1 box of Peeps bunnies
1 bunch of Gerber daisies
1 square vase
2 bags of jelly beans (I used pear Jelly Bellys)

I went to A.C. Moore and got all my supplies for about $15. I think the flowers in the original picture are real, but I wasn't sure how to put water in the vase without ruining the peeps.  I ended up getting artificial Gerber daisies; and even though I'm usually not a fan of fake flowers, these actually look just as good! Back at home, the entire assembly took me less than five minutes.  I just dumped the jelly beans into the bottom of the vase, then added the Peeps which fit perfectly-alternating three and two on each side.  I even had a few left over to snack on.  After that, just clip the flower stems to your desired height, and voila!  This is a great centerpiece if you're having people over tomorrow, or just for spring in general! I have a feeling the Peeps might last just as long as the fake flowers...


My wonderful Aunt Amy made her own arrangement using tulips.  Here's her tip on using live flowers:"I used real tulips, put a small glass inside the vase for the water and flowers, and put the Peeps on the outside. You can get the vases at the dollar store (I got my jelly beans and Peeps there also!)"

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