Thursday, March 28, 2013

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

like russian roulette...without the gun

Did you shop ModCloth's Stylish Surprise Sale two weeks ago? I did and so did a few friends! One of the girls at my office had done the sale before and had a good experience, so she convinced us all to give it a try. The way it works is that ModCloth is getting rid of what I assume are samples.  They send you an email about the sale, so you never really know when it's going to happen; and the key is to decide to take the risk before your size runs out. You pay $15 per item, and then about a week later they send you your mystery package in the mail. Items can range in price from $29.99 to $299.99-which means that no matter what, you're saving at least a few dollars on whatever you buy.

While my surprises weren't necessarily things I would have picked out on my own, I ended up loving both of my dresses!  I usually get a sizer larger than I normally wear when I buy from ModCloth, and both of my dresses fit like gloves. Shipping was only $5, which is why I got two; but they gave me a free headband as a gift so I ended up getting three things for only $35. Not a bad deal considering the pink dress I got (see the last two pictures) retails for $150 and is on sale for $90 on Amazon. All in all, it was great way to put something fresh and different in my closet, and I cant wait until next time! Check out what everyone got below:

Sarah got this gorgeous, brocade dress.

Danielle got a plaid blazer with elbow patches (not pictured) and this adorable rosette dress.

Jennifer got a good mix of spring and winter, comfy and casual with her sweater and dresses.

Janine got this cute deer shirt which she says will be great for her student teaching.

Andrea got this retro mini-dress which looks straight out of an episode of Mad Men.

And I got these two pretty numbers! The first is silky purple material with tulle underneath to give it some oopmh, and the second has a checkered sequins bust with the dainty bow closure and low back. 

If you got any good deals or cute pieces from the sale, I'd love to see them!

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