Saturday, March 30, 2013

Best News of the Week

plus other great things the internet gave us

image via JJ's Jottings

Best News of the Week goes to this interview with Quentin Tarantino where he discusses the power of food in his movies. While he seems to have intentionally focused on the ritual of sharing meals together in his films, he also simultaneously integrated phenomenal demonstrations of power into these sequences. I especially appreciated how all of his actors actually eat the food while they're filming, regardless of the number of takes, to make the scenes more believable. Plus, the thought Tarantino puts into these shots to glorify certain items from a meal (essentially making them iconic by association) to the point where the viewer is craving it by the time they leave the theater is simply brilliant. Watch the full video below-only a brief six minutes that is well worth your time.

In other news...

Scope invented bacon flavored mouth wash- I'm still not sure if it's a joke or not

A new tidbit about Wes Anderson's new movie was revealed

You shouldn't feel bad about yourself. Here's what some great people were doing at 25

JJ the bulldog, Georgetown's new mascot, made his debut

Twin sisters separated at birth launched a Kickstarter to make a movie of their meeting and DNA testing

Ryan Gosling charms those near and afar. Here's what his directors had to say about him

The new documentary about The Shining  looks awesome

Someone in England has a hot-crossed bun baked for Easter in 1807


Here's a great quote from E.B. White (author of Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little)

Worst News of the Week goes to these ass-hats for suing the Met in New York. Do you research next time! Hopefully, this won't result in the Met instituting an admission fee but rather just making their policies more obvious.

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