Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Edition: Bad Books

bad books, good music

Word to the wise, if you ever get a chance to see Bad Books live, know that you’ll be getting an evening of killer, moody indie rock with a generous helping of variety show banter throughout the set.  It’s rare to see two best friends together on stage having the time of their lives, but that’s exactly what happened Sunday night in Columbia.  Kevin Devine and Andy Hull (with the entire Manchester Orchestra crew providing back-up) looked genuinely excited and glad to be in the room playing music together in front of a very enthusiastic crowd. It was dark, hilarious, rollicking, intense, and a concert I will never forget.

Set highlights included a raucous rendition of "Holding Down the Laughter” and the very powerful “It Never Stops” as the beginning of the extended encore. Honestly the whole thing just made me wish I could learn an instrument and tour around with my best friend (having kids sing my songs would be too much to ask at that point, right?).

Also, holy hell people, if you don’t have Bad Book’s II already, consume it right now.

image via Rolling Stone

Check out Bad Books and the two opening acts below:

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