Thursday, February 7, 2013

1 Dress, 3 Ways

Little Black Dresses are the perfect blank canvas.  Make a bold statement with minimal effort by wearing one on its own, or take a cue from these leading ladies and add a few simple embellishments.

Work: Belle de Jour

Catherine Deneuve plays the kept wife of a doctor who experiences a sexual awakening in this film by Luis Buñuel.  Many of the costumes were courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent, and the film is filled with black frocks, trench coats, and lingerie.  (Plus plenty of top knots!)  Catherine Deneuve is so quintessentially chic in this movie it's almost unbearable.  Hailed as one of the 100 best film's in world cinema, it's definitely worth a watch.

Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour by truelyunruly

Play: Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts just seems like someone you want to get coffee with.  She's always smiling and seems relatively put together considering the fact that she was a child star.  (Remember Unfabulous and Aquamarine?)  She sort of reminds me of an American Emma Watson with It's Kind of a Funny Story serving as her Perks of Being A Wallflower.  On that note, it doesn't get more American than denim, and I love her jean jacket paired with the cat eye sunglasses for a tomboyish yet feminine look.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts by truelyunruly

Party: Tina Fey at the SAG Awards

Now matter how many times Jack questioned the sexuality of Liz's shoes or Cerie told her she looked like a mom, you have to hand it to Tina Fey.  She cleans up well.  She looked absolutely gorgeous at the SAG awards in January with her Oscar de la Renta dress, jeweled belt, and old school Hollywood curls.  Her ensemble is way too fancy for any party I'll be going to any time soon, but a shorter hemline tones the look down a notch while still keeping it dressy.  Plus, the Asos belt (below) is a great way to play on all the floral patterns that come out in spring.

Tina Fey SAG Awards

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