Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Edition: Anthropologie Warehouse Sale

Sorry it's been so long between posts!  I'm actually writing this at Starbucks because we're having an issue with the internet at my apartment.  I looked out the window yesterday to see a guy on the telephone pole; and the next thing I knew, the power and cable were out.

This past weekend, I went drove down to North Augusta, SC to visit my family there.  (I bet the drive is beautiful in spring because you get to go through all the peach orchards.)   While I was there, my Aunt Renee took me to the Anthropologie damaged furniture auction in Trenton.  We woke up really early on Saturday morning and made the 20 minute trip to the Urban Outfitters complex.  When we got there, we registered and received our bidding numbers.  On the floor was a mountain of rugs, and through the windows you could see deep into the warehouse.  

Then promptly at 9 am., the auctioneer came out and explained the rules.  
1.  If you want something, raise your hand and keep it up until you can no longer afford the item.  
Last minute snipers will not be tolerated.
2. Only buy what you can haul yourself.  Nothing will be shipped.
3.  Items must be out of the complex by 5 p.m.

Then he went on to say that they sell an item every 30 seconds; and let me tell you, they had this down to a science.  It was just like the old timey auctions you see in movies with the auctioneer rattling off prices and going "SOLD to Number 832!"  Someone in the back would take down your number; and if your item was small, they would pass it down an assembly line of workers to you.  If it was big, they would start a pallet in the warehouse with all your winnings.

We weren't really in the market for anything, so we made sure to sit by the windows on the side where they brought all the stuff out.  That way, we could get look at the items before the bidding frenzy started.  I absolutely loved the lamp stand pictured below (center) with the little birds on it.

Some of the items were actually damaged and needed a little TLC before they could get back in action; but a lot of things just had a knick or a scratch that was barely noticeable.  And still other items had just been returned because people either didn't like them or were too lazy to do the assembly themselves (the auctioneer's words, not mine).  On average, I would say things were selling for atleast 1/4th of their retail value.  Things were still a little pricey; but compared to Anthropologie's regular prices, it was a steal.  $500 couches were going for $100; record players were selling like hot cakes for $30; and the ever lusted after Anthropologie quilts were going for $100-$150 a pop.  My aunt said that this auction was a little more expensive than the last one she went to; but maybe that's because it's January and people still have money in their budgets to bid with.  There are 4 auctions a year, and I'm so excited to save up and maybe actually get something at the next one.  Until then, here are some of my favorite pieces that were up for grabs:

Traveler's Chest (the top opens like a trunk!), retails for $1698

Finn Rocker, retails for $1698

Coralie Bed, retails for $1998

Monarch Coffee Table, retails for $698

Ordinal Dresser, retails for $998


  1. hello, how do you know if there a list i can sign up for to be notified of the auctions? thank you

    1. Hi Marian,

      I included you in my response to mollyhog0 (below). Thanks for reading!


    2. Thanks Suzannah,
      I called their customer service phone # and learned that there will be an auction this Saturday, July 13th, and that you can get on their list at the auction.

    3. Thanks for the tip! I was out of town for this one, but l call to find out when the next one is. Did you get anything good?

  2. I have the same question . . .

    1. Hi mollyhog0 and Marian K,

      I just saw your messages! (Sorry for the delay Marian!) As far as I know, you can only get on the list when you buy something at the auction. They take your contact information along with your payment. I believe the next auction is in August. I will gladly post the date once I find out. Thanks for reading!