Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentines for People You Kiss on the Lips

valentines for your significant or not so significant other

Following up my guide for friends and family, here are a few valentines for people you may or may not actually be in love with.

Give a blue valentine instead of watching the movie on Feb. 14th.  Trust me. $5 etsy

For the love at first sight types $15 Row Boat Press

For the cute girl in your English class $15 etsy

For the true gentleman in your life $7.50 etsy

There's one in every relationship $3.75 etsy

For your socially awkward penguin.  As they say, birds of a feather... $4.50 etsy

Instead of a grand gesture, you can always go for a bold statement $5 etsy

For your boyfriend who watches Wes Anderson movies with you $4.50 Rifle Paper Co.

For someone who's left a lasting impression on your heart $5.50 etsy

For the commitment phobe in your life $5 etsy

If you're not into labels, go literal $5 etsy

I've definitely said this before $4 etsy

For the font aficionado $5 etsy

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