Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentines for People You Kiss on the Cheek

Valentines for friends & family

I love Valentine's Day.  Something about the excuse to wear excessive amounts of pink and eat candy and tell people how much you love them just really does it for me.  Obviously, not everyone feels the same way; but I think most people can get behind the sentiment of a small gesture and letting someone know you love them-be it your parents, your best friend, or even just your dog.  And who doesn't love getting snail mail?  So, I'm kicking off my Valentine guide with a few love notes for people you're not romantic with but adore just the same.  

For your dad, the dapper Don Draper type $4 etsy

For your mom who reads Design*Sponge $4.50 Rifle Paper Co.

For your brother, the Kubrick fan $12 etsy

For your sister who you call after every episode $6 etsy

For your best friend who you met one summer at camp $3 etsy

For your college roommate who's studying abroad $10 Rifle Paper Co.


Don't forget some simple and sweet stationery to top it all off $5 etsy$6 etsy, and $5 etsy

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