Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions: Everest

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Happy 2013!  Did you make a New Year's resolution?  Justin and I resolved to visit one new country and one new state within the next year.  While having someone in on my resolution with me makes it a little easier to be held accountable and to follow through, I'm also trying out Everest to keep me on track.  

Everest is this awesome app that I stumbled across this summer when researching fundraising for start ups.  After a trial period, Everest got fully funded and is now available in the App Store (for free!).  Basically, it helps you set up goals for everything from travelling to learning a language to running a marathon.  It monitors your progress and allows you to connect with, inspire, and get support from people with similar ambitions.  I like it because it makes your dreams tangible in a way that's more engaging than just putting a post it note on your fridge.  It's easy to use, and here's the run down on how it works:

Set up a profile that will look like this.

Create a 'dream'- in this case, mine is visiting a new state.  Adjust your time frame accordingly and share via social media to have your friends encourage you or join in.

From your navigation page, you can add steps to map out your dream; add pictures and notes to document your progress; and check your dreams off your list as you complete them.

The explore option functions as your standard news feed.  You can track your friends' dreams that you follow or copy a random stranger's dream that inspires you.

You can also accept challenges from various companies and sponsors.  I've always wanted to learn HTML, so I picked this one from Codeacademy.   

They'll give you all the steps you need complete the challenges.  Plus, sometimes there will be bonus steps to push you even farther.

I love to do lists, so I'm stoked to try this out.  I think it has the potential to be the Pintrest of self help.

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